Diabetic Eye Disease Toolkit

Recently launched by Retina International as a resource for patients and professionals.

Macular News from the UK

Latest development in the treatment of AMD.

Low Vision Handbook

Retina NZ's guide for people newly diagnosed with retinal disorders or adjusting to living with reduced vision.

Seeing Things?

Listen to Dr Oliver Sacks talk on visual hallucinations associated with sight loss (Charles Bonnet syndrome):

What hallucination reveals about our minds

Welcome to Retina New Zealand

Retina New Zealand Inc. is a voluntary organisation of and for people with retinal disorders.  In 2014 we celebrated our 25th birthday.

On this site you can find more about us and what we do; sources of information on retinal disorders and adjusting to low vision; where and when our next National Conference or local meeting is to be held, and how to join us.

You can also find us on Facebook. If you're in the 15 to 30-something age group, check out Retina Youth's own Facebook page.

Telephone-Based Peer Support

If you've been diagnosed with a retinal disorder, have a close friend or family member who has, or just want to find out more about Retina NZ, ring 0800 233 833 (New Zealand only) to talk to a peer support co-ordinator.

Eye Alert!

We recommend that you contact an optometrist or ophthalmologist immediately if you experience an unexpected change in vision, or odd visual effects like:

  • a line you know to be straight looking wavy, or
  • a shadow obscuring part of your vision, or
  • bright flashes of light and/or new and persistent dark blobs (floaters).

Flashes and floaters are harmless in themselves, but they may be a sign of a retinal problem.

And because some sight-threatening conditions are symptomless in their early stages we also encourage everybody to have regular eye examinations.

We are grateful to the following agencies for their support or assistance:

Yates logo. Cosmos Bright Eyes packet Yates kindly donate 40 cents to Retina NZ for every packet of Cosmos Bright Eyes seeds sold in New Zealand. Pick up a packet next time you are buying seeds and support us too!

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Retinal photographs on this website are courtesy of the New Zealand Association of Optometrists. Other photographs in our page headers are courtesy of the National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health.