International Sites

Retina International

Retina International provides a starting point for the rarer retinal conditions.  In addition to retinitis pigmentosa, their website has information on Usher Syndrome, Stargardt, Leber Congenital Amaurosis, choroideremia, Best Disease, and other rare disorders.  The site also has a Diabetic Eye Disease ToolKit for patients and professionals.

The Members section lists member organisations around the world.  A number of these have linked websites with information about eye conditions, treatments, research, and adjusting to reduced vision.  For example:

We’ve picked out two English language sites as examples, but information in a variety of languages is on other members’ sites.

Macular Disease Foundation (Australia)

The MD Foundation has a wide range of downloadable publications on macular and related conditions, with some translated into Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  Audio resources are also available.

There is also a section on Low Vision, with coping strategies and tips that would be helpful to anyone adjusting to reduced vision, regardless of its cause, as would their guide to Low Vision aids and technology, and their information for family, friends and carers.

Vision and Eye Health (Australia)

Vision and Eye Health is a patient information website set up by an Australian-based ophthalmologist.  It has sections on eye anatomy and care, and common eye diseases, with helpful information on ophthalmic treatments and surgery.  There are also several general interest features.

AMD Alliance International

The AMD Alliance International is based in Canada, with more than 60 member organisations worldwide. Their site has comprehensive information on age-related macular degeneration (AMD), including risk factors, treatments and clinical trials, nutrition and vitamin supplements, adjusting to vision loss, personal experiences with patient stories and videos, and lots more.


The Royal National Institute of Blind People (UK) has an Eye Health section with an alphabetical guide to eye conditions, and associated topics like Charles Bonnet Syndrome (visual hallucinations associated with sight loss).


The National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health  is the major sponsor of vision research in the United States. Their site has an A – Z of eye topics, with information under age-related macular degeneration about their Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), its follow-up (AREDS2), and the Comparison of AMD Treatments Trials: Lucentis - Avastin Trial (CATT).

Macula Vision Research Foundation (USA)

The MVRF website has a section on Understanding Macular Degeneration, which also includes an article on degenerative myopia.  The Living with MD section has an article on Charles Bonnet Syndrome. There are also video and audio talks on MD and living with low vision.

Retinal photographs on this website are courtesy of the New Zealand Association of Optometrists. Other photographs in our page headers are courtesy of the National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health.